Photo by Becca Meek

Photo by Becca Meek


GRAMMY® Award-winner David Murray is considered by many to be among the greatest and most versatile saxophonists, composers and bandleaders this country has produced. Having risen to prominence in the downtown jazz loft scene in 1970s New York, co-founded the World Saxophone Quartet, and gone on to create a vast and stunningly broad variety of music, Murray moved to Europe in 1996. Over the past few years, however, Murray has made a triumphant homecoming: He signed to the NYC-based Motéma Music, released the celebrated David Murray Cuban Ensemble Plays Nat King Cole En Español, and toured the country, with various bands, to much acclaim. Now he has formed a new quartet of American players, the David Murray Infinity Quartet, whose name harkens back to Murray’s formative days in New York, when he and his Pomona College friend Stanley Crouch operated the Studio Infinity loft. The quartet’s debut album, titled Be My Monster Love, was released June 11 on Motéma Music.

Last updated: July 1, 2013


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