Photo © Lovis Dengler

Photo by Lovis Dengler

The Watermill Center

Watermill is a laboratory for performance founded by Robert Wilson as a unique environment for emerging and established artists from around the world to explore new ideas. Watermill draws inspiration from all the arts as well as from social, human and natural sciences. Watermill is a global community of artists. Living and working together among the extensive collection of art and artifacts lies at the heart of the Watermill experience. Watermill is a haven for artists, supporting their work among a network of international institutions and venues that embrace new interdisciplinary approaches.

Watermill is unique within the global landscape of experimental theatrical performance, and regularly brings together the brightest minds from all disciplines to do, in Wilson’s words, “what no one else is doing.” Watermill offers a wide range of programs and activities throughout the year. For the well-known International Summer Arts Program, Wilson invites 60-80 artists who come from over 25 countries—48 countries so far— for 4-5 weeks of intense creative exploration. For the Center’s Fall and Spring Residency programs, which take place from September to June, a committee of practitioners in the arts and humanities selected 17 groups, individuals, and scholars to be in residence.

Robert Wilson is the Founder and Artistic Director.

Last updated: July 1, 2013


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